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  • Is the Buddha Bowl the new Veggie Stack?

    The ‘Buddha Bowl’ Firstly, let me address the inverted commas bracketing Buddha Bowl, as let’s face it the Buddha Bowl has become the new Veggie S...
  • Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

    Sweet potato pie ... prepare in twenty - eat in five!  Cook and mash sweet potato (I don’t do quantities- I over cook and share or eat it for lunch...
  • Vegan Muscles?? You bet!

    Think you cant be buff on a plant based diet?! Think again... Just ask the Worlds strongest man! Are you working out and worried about protein? Do ...
  • National Sustainable Living Festival 2019

    NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE LIVING FESTIVAL     8th and 10th of February 2019 Held in the cultural hub of Federation Square and Birrarung Marr, Melbourne....
  • Vegan Lamingtons

    Vegan Lamingtons Sponge, raspberry jam and vegan buttercream wrapped in a delicious coating of chocolate and coconut. Ingredients Sponge: 70...
  • A Vegan Christmas

    Christmas can mean a lot of things to many people, but if you are vegan there are other issues that may arise.Do we share the table with our meat e...
  • Mark Doneddu wears 'I think therefore I am ... Vegan'

    Mark Doneddu is a close personal friend and supporter of Moral Fibre as well as President of Veg Vic, co-founder and Director of World Vegan Day Melbourne. The perfect model for our new organic range of t-shirts. The thinking vegan’s T-shirt ‘I think therefore I am... Vegan’
  • Moral Fibre says thank you Indonesia and thank you Indosole!


  • Moral Fibre supports Indosole - Certified B Corporation

    Certified B Corporation — a company using business as a force for good.