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Vegan Resources

Moral Fibre "...the quality of being determined to do what you think is right"

 We at Moral Fibre take our name and meaning very seriously and that's why we support and encourage those who are transitioning to vegetarian, to vegan and those who are just curious. Whilst we have decades between us of veganism, outreach and tons of reading, watching and new learnings, we believe it’s best if you do your own research or at least read those experts who are free thinkers and can provide factual information without  agenda nor bias.

Remember, for years you have been told by the media, our schools, the government and industries promoting animal products for consumption, our parents and our traditions, even doctors and some nutritionists, that its 'normal' to eat animals, their organs and their secretions (dairy, eggs etc). So please don't feel too overwhelmed if you are confused, angry or even willing to turn a blind eye as most of us have done so in the past -  but its not our fault. As Jason Carstens says in Words, Sales and Comedy (World Vegan Day Speakers 2018) - We have been lied to!

We refer you to those who have the accreditation, the years of research and the peer reviewed facts to read, watch or listen to. Then you get to decide and make a real choice predicated in education not indoctrination. Then you too will be empowered, enlightened and might speak out for those who can not.

 Click on the links below or google and read up about the facts, myths and support that is available for you to lead  a healthy happy and cruelty free life. As Pam Adhern at Edgars Mission say, “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

Please Read:

How Not To Die By Dr. Michael Greger

The China Study By T. Colin Campbell, PhD.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows By Melanie Joy


Vystopia by Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann 


Please Watch:

Cowspiracy -  documentary discussing pressing environmental issues and the true path to sustainability: 


World Vegan Day Speakers:


Dominion - Australian Film on the real dairy industry, animal cruelty and meat production:


Okja -  A Fictional movie for the whole family with a strong message on the hypocrisy of eating animals and the the production of meat. (on Netflix)


What The Health - a documentary on health and its myths:


Please Visit:

Vegan Easy: facts, recipes, 22 day challenge and more


Animal Liberation Victoria Facts and information


Nutrition Facts :


Please Listen:


Philip Wollen - inspirational speaker, philanthropist and activist.


Clare Mann - Vegan Psychologist;


Jason Carstens - Comedian, Activist and Vice President of World Vegan Day: