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Our Story

Moral Fibre is 100% Vegan and actively promoting a healthy, happy, sustainable and morally sound peaceful future with love, education, outreach and at times attitude.

As defined in the Collins English Dictionary 'moral fibre' is the quality of being determined to do what you think is right. Strength, backbone, morality, the fibre of your being, the ability to do what is morally correct. The fabric of your soul is morally sound.

We have played with these words to include a double meaning both figuratively and literally: we are ethical people with strong moral fibre, we live a vegan lifestyle, fight for animal rights, limit our impact on this Earth and are determined to do what we know in our hearts to be right and we are determined to include ethically made ‘fibres’ in the products we promote.

Our products are sourced through a company in Melbourne, Australia that are certified ethical, no sweat shop, fair trade and the strictest of ethics regarding sustainability. We design our clothing and accessories with a vegan message, from the strong activist type Vegan AF to a more subtle environmental message with love and good manners. All inks used are bio degradable and the quality of our products are Australian standards and meant to last.


Who are we?


Mich (derived from Michelle but only call her that if she’s in trouble or being very formal :-) ). Mich is a Mum of two beautiful daughters Skye and Summer and a furry baby called Smoochie who is thriving on a vegan diet and is 13 years old. Mich was vegetarian for 28 years and vegan now for 3 (on World Vegan Day). Also a beauty therapist, an actor and a school teacher - she’s so very excited to be a partner in Moral Fibre, doing our part to promote a vegan lifestyle for all. Mich brings her passion and love of responsible fashion, cruelty free skincare/cosmetics and up-cycled art. She’s an activist for the animals and a member of Anonymous for the Voiceless, Animal Justice Party, VegVic and a committee member of World Vegan Day Melbourne and supports other groups fighting for a peaceful life. Her philosophy on life is organically evolving as she thinks, learns, feels and remains mindful of her place in our Universe. Vegan for life <3.




Jason is an old vegan... ha ha - actually he’s been vegan for 31 years. Jase brings an intellectual vibe to Moral Fibre with his smarts, his vision and many years experience in sales. As a stand-up comedian he is the comic relief as his bizarre and often warped humour keeps us laughing and aware of the irony and issues of our world. Jason is the Vice President of Veg Vic and World Vegan Day Melbourne, he’s responsible for guiding many carnivores and vegetarians on to the vegan path. In fact, after many years of being the vegan at the family Christmas table, there is now a whole vegan table for the family he’s influenced. He is the voice of World Vegan Day Melbourne and you will see him on stage there, as both guest speaker and MC. Jason works all year round alongside his bestie and the Co-Founder of WVD Mark Doneddu, to make it a bigger and better event each year - 2018 saw over 30,000 attendees who witnessed the blessings that being vegan brings. Jase and his vegan dog Horace support Anonymous for the Voiceless, Animal Justice Party and many other vegan activist causes. Ignorance is now a choice, he says - get educated and go vegan!



Moral Fibre is attending markets and festivals through out the year - please see events page for details x