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Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie ... prepare in twenty - eat in five!  Cook and mash sweet potato (I don’t do quantities- I over cook and share or eat it for lunch at work for two days in a row). Sauté garlic, onion, turmeric (fresh is best), add cooked lentils with some veggie stock or cook dry lentils in veggie stock then add. Add extra water with a healthy slosh of soy sauce. Cook until absorbed with a slight gravy (add more water if too dry- or use a vegan gravy mix). Scoop small piles of mash over the lentil mix and smooth. Add grated vegan cheese and/or nutritional yeast flakes (drizzle olive oil if using Nutritional yeast alone). Sprinkle raw sesame seeds and papeeta seeds over top and pop under the grill to brown. Serve straight from the frypan or saucepan. Yum!!! Super easy and super healthy!

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