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Mark Doneddu wears 'I think therefore I am ... Vegan'

Mark Doneddu is a close personal friend and supporter of Moral Fibre as well as President of Veg Vic, co-founder and Director of World Vegan Day Melbourne.

Mark has had extensive experience researching vegan health and the environmental impacts of a plant based diet. He has spoken at many major events around the country.

Mark has also been recently interviewed on Channel 9 for his comments on health as well as on many popular radio stations, such as Radio National, The ABC, 3AW, 3RRR, 3MTS, 3MDR and 3CR. An inspiration to so many, he has in fact been dubbed the Vegan Maker.

An intellectual and a man with the answers to so many questions we thought he was the perfect model for our new organic range of t-shirts. The thinking vegan’s T-shirt ‘I think therefore I am... Vegan’. A clever addition to the Rene Descartes Latin quote ‘Cogito, ergo sum.’ This translates to ‘I think therefore I am’. The French Philosopher made the statement after declaring that we should doubt the certainty of everything. He decided that because he himself had these conscious thoughts of doubt, he therefore existed.

We have expanded on his quote as we too believe we should doubt what we have thought to be true or ‘normal ‘ - question everything particularly in the eating of animals. We borrow Descartes quote and complete it with the ultimate truth of a higher thinker.

I think therefore I am... Vegan. 

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